Medical Billing

I’ll provide assistance with medical bill review, give support with contacting the medical provider’s billing companies, and negotiating any mistakes and needed corrections, from coding to services provided. I’ll assist in negotiating medical bills prior to services rendered, review bills from your doctors, labs, diagnostic facilities, and hospitals, and assist you in lowering your out-of-pocket costs.


Medical Claims

I’ll help you go through your medical claims on an individual basis, and make every attempt to get to the root of the problem. I’ll look for mistakes and errors that might have occurred on the insurance company side, and will work to clarify those mistakes. I’ll coach you to become more aware and engaged in understanding how to navigate through your individual medical claims data, how to ask appropriate questions when contacting your insurance provider and can also provide these services on your behalf if you prefer.


Organizing Medical Information

In addition to helping you with medical bills and health insurance matters, I can help you track your medical bills, information, records and history in a format that is easier to understand. I can provide services on an ongoing basis, and remain engaged with you and your family as you encounter new challenges with medical data, insurance, and billing.

Next Steps...

If you are ready to learn more about how we can help you navigate medical billing, claims, and insurance, let's get in touch!