My Credentials

I’m Julie Neff, RN, BSN, Board-Certified Patient Advocate, and founder and CEO of New Pathways Patient Advocacy. I have 40+ years of experience in the nursing field providing medical care in both the hospital and home care settings, working as a case manager in the insurance industry, and doing insurance-related in-depth medical record review projects for a health care company.  

I am compassionate about assisting and supporting positive changes that help people reclaim and sustain their pathway through the health care insurance and billing maze. I empower people by helping them organize their medical information, insurance billing and records, and provide education for clients and their families that will help them be an active part of their health care.    

Over the years I have assisted many friends and family members gain a better understanding of how to interact with the health care system, how to sift through the mounds of information, and how to take back control of their insurance and billing health. 

I realized it was time to reach out to others who are in need of the same kinds of assistance. I’m interested in meeting each individual client with a fresh set of eyes and believe each encounter is an opportunity for growth and movement. 

No matter how small or complex your situation may be, navigating through the health care system can be exhausting, frustrating, and can even lead to anger and fear. Contact me today and together we can get started.